Our Story

Heritage Ridge Creamery

What is now called the Heritage Ridge Creamery was started by a local Amish man in 1979 hoping to provide a market for local Amish dairy farms still using milk cans. On the first day of production, the plant welcomed one can milk truck with about 15,000 pounds of milk on it. Then through its early days, the company made both longhorn style and barreled cheeses. Later on, the facility began focusing exclusively on longhorn, stirred curd cheeses, and they have been masters of the craft ever since.

In 2017, after being acquired by a farmer’s cooperative, the Michigan Milk Producers Association, the Heritage Ridge Creamery brand is now operated by a subsidiary, Middlebury Cheese Company, LLC. The brand refocuses the brand for lovers of classic cheese while still producing the favored cheese varieties.

Today the Heritage Ridge Creamery welcomes milk from its local dairy farmer-owners who are focused on perfecting their milk quality through continuous improvement every day.

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When visiting our Middlebury facility, you will have the opportunity to view the cheese making process, sample the many cheeses offered in our store and shop for your favorite local Amish goods.